The Commonwealth Classic 2016
October 15 and 16, 2016

Registration is OPEN!



  • Smith Playground, Boston
  • October 15-16, 2016

Official Rules

The Commonwealth Classic will be using the v4.5 Ruleset.

Download v4.5 » (PDF)

Current Appendix A: Tournament & Game Format

The following rule modification will be in play:

  • Ball play is legal at all vertical points above the court. Mallet to body contact is still highly illegal.
  • After a stoppage of play all three players shall signal they are ready by being within their defending half of the court.
  • If at least one player from each teams wants to f-off, teams will face off to start the game.

2016 Registered Teams

  • Judgment - Arnold F, Shelley and Bernadette W from NYC and LEX
  • GET IN THE VAN - Nick GW, Javier GA and Ryan D from Boston
  • The Butcher The Baker and The Package Taker - Johan, Butcher and Woadie from Boston and other places
  • Death By Duck Boat - Jace L, Alan F and Jacques C from Boston
  • Walrus - Steve L, Kenny S and TBD from NYC and Philly
  • Boston Tall Boyz - Tobi H, Robby F and Nick K from Boston and Philly
  • TBD - Lori A, Megan S and TBD from Philly
  • Radt King - Addison, Nate and Zach from Boston and NYC


To register, please fill in the form below. An email with information on how to complete payment will be sent to you shortly. Once we confirm receipt of your team fee of $30 your registration will be completed!


  • 1st Place - Soft Boys: Nick, Rob and Chris PHILLY
    MVP - Zach B NYC and Nick W BOS


  • 1st Place - The Means: Nick RVA, Alexi OTT and Chris NYC
    MVP - Twiggy EVAN and Christina NYC


  • 1st Place - Net Bulgers: Tony BOS, Hamms LEX and Henry EVAN


  • 1st Place - White Fang: Addison James and Javier BOS